How to Open a Paint and Sip Studio in Sydney

The last two decades have seen us observe many businesses grow in different niches and spaces. The significant zones may include Science and Technology as well as Arts. The top innovation we can see in arts is the paint and sip event that includes painting as a group and taking one’s choice wine while doing it. Meanwhile, as these new businesses continue to thrive, other prospective entrepreneurs begin to consider the excellent benefits of having their own paint and sip Sydney societies, clubs, or studios. 

At the same time, the concept of drinking while painting has penetrated many societies in Australia and particularly thrived in Sydney. The benefits are more than the professional ones because they have been found to produce emotional and social support. Therefore, it is predictable that more people will need to be profitably engaged with a print and sip social activity and build their art skills. In recent years, top companies have offer franchise programs to an extensive array of other art-related companies. 

How does a paint and Sip Studio Work?

A paint and sip studio is the place that has been designated for people to come in as a group and paint. And while they paint a standard model or individual expression of their imagination, they take their favorite drink. Another idea is that these businesses host a private party of a definite group of family members, friends, or business partners. Next is that the host supplies a painting canvas and a brush to each member of the group. 

In many cases, the host also gives a piece of art to serve as an inspiration to all the group members. However, the fundamental idea is not to duplicate the art but to cue from it and find their own creativity. On the other hand, apart from the painting part of the event, participants also share drinks according to the BYOB model. Whereas the other paint and sip studios in Sydney offer some fascinating bar services to meet this need of your best possible wines. Click here to read about Hosting Paint and Sip Classes: the How, When, and Where.

Steps to having your own Paint and Sip Arts Studio

The city of Sydney in Australia comprises beautiful franchise programs that can give fun artists a swell time. But if you, as an artist, will like to start off the paint and sip program, you may need to take some active steps. Below are the most important steps:

  1. Create a Business Model

The idea of drunk painting may not sound as much fun to everybody nor carry the uniqueness of a brand. In other words, as more people go into the business, there is an increasing need for new ones to create unique selling points (USPs). These USPs help to define many things about the business and target specific customers to achieve great results. Therefore, you need to decide how much to charge, where your location will be, and the modes of payment. 

For instance, you may charge individually or per person or consider charging in groups if working with a corporate entity. In addition, you have to decide if you will be selling drinks to the students or each person will bring their kind of drinks. Also, state if it will involve alcohol or not. Even if you cannot answer all the required questions at once, ensure you have a general idea of what you want. Moreover, you need to create an imaginary picture of how to run it before you begin.

  1. Choose a niche

The field of arts may frequently appear general, but there are specific areas one can specialize in than others. Therefore, one of the other things to take care of is your choice of niche. When starting an independent paint and sip studio and not a franchise, you should choose a unique niche. However, it is more straightforward when linking up with another established brand. You can import their own concept, including a specific niche. 

The established studios already have popular ideas such as ‘girls night out. So, you may choose a special kind of wine or use craft beer in place of wine. And if you choose to target kids, you may want to use the juice and shakes for them. How about the idea of asking people to paint their pets? All of these are creative ways to establish your own niche. If you have a great location with an aerial view, you may come as your students to paint nighttime from their view. 

  1. Find a Great Location

The success of a business depends mainly on the location of that business, whether physical or virtual. It is the same for the paint and sips studio business, even in Sydney. You cannot afford to pick a poor physical location for your business. As a matter of fact, many artists prefer natural environments such as seashore or a natural environment with a great aerial view. In addition, you can consider a location that is well centrally placed and provides a serene environment for creative thinking. And if there is a regular zone for business, get a booking office there.

After all, when people know where they can find your business, it becomes easier to connect with them. Apart from the regular earning from booking, you can offer walk-in sessions to augment your income. And you don’t have to limit the classes to only the daytime. Night classes can also do magic. Meanwhile, every art studio must have space because tightness also chokes the mind from creating innovative ideas. When there is enough space, maximize it.

  1. Invest hugely in unique painting supplies 

We cannot overemphasize the need for you to buy many painting supplies from different cultures and artists. If you want to inspire people, you need to start by creating amazing mental pictures such as paints, fancy brushes, canvases, images, and illustrations. Start by searching for wholesalers who give our great prices that align with your budget and ship them in. more so, you as an artist must have some unique masterpiece that can instantly motivate people.

  1. Build an online presence

Without an online presence these days, businesses can hardly thrive. There is hardly any business today that you cannot post online for one thing or the other. The same happens for paint and sip studios because they can directly serve the need of customers more directly. Several people are in Sydney looking for the right paint and sip that can meet their needs. Let them find you by coming to the place where they are searching – the internet. 

Therefore, you need to create active social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and have a website where people can make bookings. In addition, Google My Business Page is perfect for business listing with location, contact, and other information to promote your business free of charge.

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