Hosting Paint and Sip Classes: the How, When and Where

The city of Sydney offers one of the most beautiful places globally for hosting paint and sip classes. These classes are fun in terms of enjoyment, but they also help people connect on another level. Amazingly, partaking in paint and sip sessions also positively influences our mental health, social, and overall wellness. Paint and sip parties bring different people together within a beautiful atmosphere to rediscover their artistic talents and produce a unique artwork in one night. You can learn more about Paint and Sip Classes in Sydney by visiting

There are generally two ways to achieve this feat: a public paint party or requesting a private paint party. On the other hand, you can register for a paint party in an art studio or be the host as a professional artist. Hosting a private paint party is both tricky and straightforward. Simple because you can simply bring in family and friends to mark a special occasion. But the tricky part is knowing what to prepare and do for maximum enjoyment. 

This article is a guide that tells of how, where, and when to host a paint party in Sydney, Australia. Let us begin with the materials you need to set up a paint party. You can read about How to Open a Paint and Sip Studio in Sydney by click here.

Materials for Paint and Sip Party in Sydney 

There are many materials, skills, and techniques that go into seeing a masterpiece of art. So, we will begin by considering the most common ones that are simply indispensable before discussing the other materials for painting. 

  1. Acrylic paints

Acrylic paints refer to water-based paints that can be used on canvas and paper surfaces. When dry, this paint appears like sheets of plastic because it gives a watercolor kind of look. You may choose the higher quality paint, but the craft paint works just fine for canvas, and it is affordable. In terms of volume, it depends on the number of people that will be part of the paint and sip party. But a 2 oz volume of paint bottle can serve between 6 to 8 people sufficiently. 

  1. Canvas

The size and type of canvas may also vary, but the standard paint and sip party require 16 x 20 inches. Although, some people prefer to use other sizes such as the 11 x 14 inches or the 12 x 16 inches size. However, if your paint and sip party will involve kids, you may need to buy smaller canvas sizes. Smaller sizes will have dimensions such as 8 x 10 aside from the 11 x 14 and 12 x 16 inches. Many of these canvas sizes are available from online stores. 

  1. Set of painting brushes

Painting brushes come in different packs, sizes, and colors, with choices that are somehow tricky. Also, the kind of brushes you need depends on the kind of painting you are making during the paint and sip session. You can just buy a few variety packs and then improvise with smaller brushes on a general note. Examples of some economical, individual brushes you can use include #12 bright brush pack, #6 round brush pack, and #2 round brush pack. 

  1. Easel

An easel is a stand or hanger for your canvas. It also gives your painting the best perspective for work, whether you choose to stand or sit while painting. In addition, using an easel is the best way to save space because easy painter can comfortably manage their zones without overlapping into others’. Moreover, if you choose to buy your easel from an online store, read the description of the dimensions carefully. For instance, some of the easels can appear large in the picture but will only be 12 inches high in real life. Such an easel cannot support 16 x 20 inches of a canvas.  

  1. Aprons

Of course, we can’t be too careful and do not need aprons. For clarity’s sake, aprons are the clothing you wear on your actual dress to prevent color paints from staining your actual dress. So, you need to request paint aprons before you start the painting at all. However, for the sake of paint and sip parties, aprons are available at bulk prices, and they are tailored specifically for that purpose. These paint and sip aprons are inexpensive and can produce the best experience for both kids and adults. 

  1. Palettes or paper plates

A palette or paper plates are the platforms for mixing and keeping your color paints while painting on the canvas. If you use an ordinary plastic palette, be ready to clean it up after use. On the other hand, if you don’t like cleaning them, you should instead go for the paper plate palette. Another innovative idea is to find little paper medicine cups, which are my latest discovery. Let each cup carry the different colors you will be using and place them side by side with you. And there are different ways to purchase multiple packs of these palettes to satisfy your needs during the paint and sip session in Sydney. 

  1. Graphite paper

A graphite paper is a small investment but can save a great deal in the paint and sip process. It can trace out drawing outlines in simplifying and converting masterpiece models before the actual painting is done. You can even buy a large size and cut it down to the standard size of your desire so that you can use and reuse them. A painting tutorial for amateurs and beginners should include traceable material that they can try out. Apart from printing an outline, you can also distribute the outline at the paint and sip party in Sydney. If you place a piece of graphite paper below the printout and then transfer it to the canvas. 

Why do you need the Traceable paper?

In the course of the paint and sip process, you need a traceable to pre-trace your artwork. It helps you to run smoothly. The process involves using a sharpie to trace the outline of the object. Note that the viewer may still see your drawn outline even after the first and second layers of the paint. 

  1. Water cups

The essence of water cups is to help you clean up your brush intermittently when using another color. You need water to rinse the brush in between colors, and the most accessible object for that purpose is a water cup. A typical type during the paint and sip exercise in Sydney is the plastic disposable cups or old Tupperware. You can also use the paint dishwasher as a credible alternative. At the end of the day, you may also need to clean the brush thoroughly. And that is when you need mild soap and a brush cleaner before keeping it dry somewhere safe. 

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